Into the Faerie Tavern

The Faerie Tavern

About Faeries & Inspiration. It all started with me (Thieme) getting mega inspired throughout the years by people like Brian Froud , books and movies about faeries and magical creatures like; the Labyrinth, the Dark Crystal, Lord of the Rings, Faeries and many more. Still the question kept popping up many times when I saw a fantasy style tavern in a movie or a faerie banquet picture, what do they eat? What is it that they drink? What is it made off?

Throughout the world  are many, many mystical places where nature and modern world collide. Coming into contact with these places you often get the feeling that there is more. Things you cannot explain, weird feelings and insights you cannot place. It is by these “unseen” forces that we are often influenced, inspired and reminded to think outside the box and let the magic in.

Mission. I decided to make it my mission to map with our limit human knowledge the mystical other worldly creatures, their fascinating food and beverage and the stories behind it. And in the meanwhile explore wonderful places, full of wonder, tales and extraordinary jummies. This all comes together in the Faerie Tavern, our vision of what the Magical creatures would nibble and sip away. Sometimes we use the names of actual places & things, other times we create our own, as there were probably no names found yet by other humans before us.

Together with my daughter and two great friends (who also happen to be amazing talented artists) we started to explore this magical culinary world of magic and wonder. And we immediately run into a lot of obstacles and mind breaking questions. The world of the mystical creatures is also one steeped into secrecy, which led us to wonder many many times what kind of ingredients they used? What name do they give to something? Did we drew the right conclusion with this recipe?

Many questions and mysteries popped up, but…. products disappearing from the fridge. Artists calling me in the middle of the night and something (I swear) that looked like little boot prints on the kitchen work bench, led me to believe we must be getting close. Sometimes we have to use more "mundane" ingredients and of course we cannot avoid some "kitchen terms and phrases". But we will aim to keep it as simple and clear as possible, without losing track of our "magical inspiration".

It would be an honor if you would join us in this journey full of surprises, wonder, magic and hopefully delicious food. The Faerie Tavern blogs will be our “Journal” to keep track of all that we encounter, brew and cook. Apart from food related encounters, I soon realized that this is the beginning of something way bigger. Along the way I met (and are still meeting) wonderful new people and came across things that pretty much changed my view on things drastically. So, it does not come as a surprise that during your own visits to the Faerie Tavern you will also read about places and people that inspired us.

But let us not linger too long on getting started, throw on something comfy and hop along. Time to get started and let the magical yumminess begin!  



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