Waterfall Salad

Waterfall Salad.


Black Spout Woods is home to many creatures, both mundane and magical. However, this beautiful rugged landscape in Scotland holds something far more important. It is said to be the location where Faeyna, Faerie Queen of Waterfalls holds court. Somewhere near the famous "Black Spout Waterfall" is said to be her "Palace of Mirror Pools", a very important place for magical creatures around the globe. The Mud Trolls of Black Spout even recognize it as a pilgrimage site, where many bring tribute and their gratitude. 


You have to understand the nature of waterfalls first. Every waterfall, creek and river leading to it and every single pool at the end of each waterfall is linked. Sounds bizarre, right? But really, a goblin in France could drop his favorite cuddle stick into a waterfall (by accident of course, one does not simply loose his cuddle stick). And it could wash up somewhere in Canada or Australia. How? No clue, but it must has something to do with the magical and spiritual nature of both waterfall and water itself. 


Coming back to Faeyna; she is said to receive items and stories (because tales and songs also travel faster over water) from all over the world within her Waterfall palace. My thought was to create a little nice tribute that resembles this collective of different ingredients that might end up in a waterfall somewhere, but also create a dish that captures the flowing water aspect. 

What do we need?

We will make a Bulgur salad with a Tahini/ Yogurt sauce, accompanied by Garlic/spicy Shrimps. If you want to leave out the shrimps, we will give an alternative at the end of the recipe.


For the Bulgur Salad: 

  1. Bulgur (1 small bag will do. Look at the back of the package to see exactly how much grams you need per person. ) 
  2. Pomegranate seeds (1 big one or about 200 grams for a big bowl of Bulgur salad is enough.) 
  3. Salt.
  4. Pepper (I prefer black pepper in this dish because it also gives a bit of color).
  5. Olive oil.
  6. Chili sauce (I use the sweet mild one but of course you can add more spice here by taking the hot variant )
  7. Honey (alternative maple syrup).
  8. Mint.
  9. Dill. 
  10. Parsley 
  11. Sweet corn (those in a can will do just fine).

For the Tahani/Yogurt sauce: 

  1. Yogurt (we need a little bowl full). 
  2. Tahini paste (2 big table spoons), you can find this sold in jars. 
  3. Lemon Juice. (take the fresh lemon). 
  4. Salt & Pepper. 
  5. Olive oil.

For the shrimps:

  1. Shrimps. (Each country names them differently but I hope you get what I mean). We need around 3 medium sized ones per person.
  2. Olive oil.
  3. Sambal/Hot sauce (here is the link for my own hot sauce recipe: "Troll Sauce").
  4. Garlic. 
  5. Salt and pepper.


What is next?

The Bulgur salad.

  • Cook the bulgur and then let it cool down a bit in a big bowl. Follow the instructions on the product package carefully and be aware: it will be hot for a pretty long time!
  • Once it has cooled down a bit, mix some olive oil into the bulgur. I use my hands but you can also use a spatula of course. The trick here is to get the right texture, you want the bulgur to stick together but not to "swim" in olive oil.
  • What follows next is bringing flavor into the bulgur salad. Add the finely chopped up herbs, pomegranate seeds and sweetcorn. Don't use too much of the herbs as they can be overpowering, and if the result after mixing is not to your taste, just add more.
  • The last step is to finish the Bulgur salad by add salt, pepper, chili sauce and a bit of honey. The same rule is in place here too; start with small amounts and taste. Add more till you are happy with the end result. There is no perfect end result, one might like it very mild while another person will prefer high flavors or very spicy.

The Tahini/Yogurt sauce.

  • This is one very simple but tasty sauce. Just mix the yogurt with the tahini paste and keep going until you have a smooth texture.
  • Mix in a little bit of olive oil to smooth things up a bit.
  • Bring it up to the right flavor by adding salt, pepper and some lemon juice.

The Garlic Spicy Shrimps.

  • Defrost/clean the shrimps.
  • Marinade them in a bowl with a mixture of olive oil, garlic (I prefer pulp here because it mixes better with the rest), some salt and pepper and some spicyness like sambal, hot sauce or finely chopped up peppers. 
  • Cover the bowl up and put it back into the fridge until you are ready to prepare them. An hour or longer is perfect for the shrimps to soak up all those flavors.
  • Heat up a frying pan or wok and prepare the shrimps in a hot pan. Just a few minutes will do, don't over cook them them! Once they turn color and are no longer glassy they are done. You don't need to add extra oil, we use our marinade mixture to cook them in. 

And now?

Now its time to plate your dish. As you can see on the pictures I added some edible flowers for the color. You can also use some vegetables to create color on the plate. Since this is a cold dish, you can take your time. I would advise pouring the sauce as the last thing you do, as it can quickly spread out and cover the whole plate if it is a bit thin.


Extra tips:

  • If you want to go vegetarian: you can switch the shrimps for something like mushrooms or tofu (leaked out). Given time this will soak up the marinade just fine and make for a great substitute.
  • If you want to go vegan: take out the yogurt in the sauce (use soja or coconut based yogurt instead of the normal yogurt) and replace the honey in the salad with a nice syrup of choice.
  • If you do not serve the salad straight away, make sure you cover it properly before putting it into the fridge. It can dry out pretty quickly if you do not do this.
  • I love decorating the plate with edible flowers. They add some extra funky colors to your dishes. Just check out your local supermarket to see if they have some, just be careful not to overdo it. After all, its about boosting the look of your dish, not creating a flower garden. Most edible flowers also taste a bit bitter, so be careful here.

I hope you liked this recipe and agree with me that this is a proper tribute dish to Faeyna, Faerie Queen of Waterfalls. If you have any questions or thoughts you want to share; do not hesitate to use the comment option below or send me a mail. Enjoy cooking! 




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