Welcome to The Faerie Tavern.

The Blog

Beginning 2019 we started this project. 2 talented artists teamed up with a father & daughter with a passion for food.


Combining inspiring Fantasy art & lore together with amazing food; these 4 persons made The Faerie Tavern came to be. 


The blog is our first step into bringing the world of The Faerie Tavern alive and share it with the world. 

The Short term project.

At the moment we focus on creating news recipes,  inspiring blogs, awesome art and lore to publish on our blog. But we are just getting started here. 


Our web-shop will eventually offer PDF versions of our recipes with new art, art prints so you can enjoy the magic at home and eventually also more Faerie Tavern products.


On the short term we are aiming to bundle our recipes, articles and art into a real book (printed and E book). We might even decide to do this in the form of a Kick-starter, so stay tuned to see how the Faerie magic unfolds.

The Long term project.

The long term dream is to bring the Faerie Tavern into our world for real. A magical place where you can eat and drink all the recipes you have seen on our site. A place where you can share the magic and make new friends.


For this to happen we need pretty large funds, buying our prints, PDF's , books and other products will help us getting a step closer to this goal. 

The People behind The Faerie Tavern.

Our amazing artists from "Zodiac  Studios"

  • Bradford
  • Paul

Our chefs (who are also father & daughter) : 

  • Thieme Jan Hollaar
  • Joy Hollaar